Discovering the Origins of the Izu Peninsula’s Terrain

The Izu Peninsula: Shaped by Ongoing Tectonic Activity, Offering Unique Landscapes and Hot Springs. Explore beautiful caves, taste wasabi grown with spring water, and experience the blessings of the Earth.

Example Itinerary

 Day 1

11:30】 Meet at Shizuoka Station

Travel by car(90min)

【13:00~14:10】Izu Peninsula Geopark Museum “Georia”

Learn about the formation of the Izu Peninsula

The ongoing tectonic activity continues to shape the diverse landscapes, unique beautiful scenery, and hot springs of the Izu Peninsula. At Georia, you can learn about the formation of the Izu Peninsula, tracing back approximately 20 million years.

Travel by car(60min)

【15:10~16:20】Kanesa Katsuobushi Shop

Shio Katsuo Making Process and Katsuobushi Shaving Experience

 At Kanesa Katsuobushi Shop, the traditional food “Shio Katsuo,” a good luck offering on Shinto altars during New Year’s, is still produced. Here, you can observe the Shio Katsuo making process and experience shaving katsuobushi. 

Travel by car(10min)

【16:30~17:00】Hanbata market

Shopping for dinner ingredients.

Travel by car(30min)

【17:30】WASABI village(Accommodation)

Stay in a trailer house and enjoy dishes featuring local ingredients

“Wasabi Village” is a glamping facility where you can stay in trailer houses and enjoy BBQ. Additionally, they cultivate “Hon-Wasabi” using spring water. While you can have a BBQ experience, there’s also a plan where Chef Arai serves dishes using local ingredients.

 Day 2

【7:30~10: 00】WASABI village

Wasabi Harvesting and Breakfast Making

In the morning, we rise early to harvest wasabi. The freshly harvested wasabi is used to create a Wasabi Donburi with a delightful aroma and a refreshing, zesty spiciness that awakens the senses. You can also top it off with Shio Katsuo or bonito flakes from the Kanesa Katsuobushi Shop that we visited the previous day.

Travel by car(30min)

【10:30】Dogashima Marine Boarding Point

Dougashima Cave Exploration(20 min.)

The Tenshodo Cave, designated as a natural monument in 1935, is a sea cave formed of tuffaceous rocks. The view where the ceiling rounds off and opens up like a skylight, allowing light to shine into the cave, is incredibly beautiful. One of the charms of this cave is how the color of the water changes depending on the season, time of day, and weather conditions.

Travel by car(30min)

11:30~13:00】 LOQUAT Nishi Izu

Shopping for Honey Products

Experience authentic Italian cuisine with a focus on local produce at “LOQUAT Nishi Izu,” nestled in the nature-rich region of West Izu. The restaurant is housed in the renovated mansion of the renowned Suzuki family, blending the charm of traditional Japanese architecture with a luxurious ambiance. You will be delighted by the exquisite dishes featuring Izu vegetables and seafood from Suruga Bay.

Travel by car(10min)

【13:10~14:20】 Toikinzan(Toi Gold Mine)

Image source: Toikinzan

Touring the old gold mine sites

Located in an area rich with geothermal activity from volcanic eruptions, the Toi Gold Mine boasts a history of ore production, benefiting from this natural heat. The total length of its excavated tunnels spans approximately 100 kilometers. Visitors can even touch a 250kg gold nugget certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Travel by car(10min)

【14:30~14:50】 Toi Port Ferry Terminal

Travel by ferry(75min)

【16:05】 Arrival at Shimizu Port

Travel by car

【17:00】 The tour ends at Shizuoka Station

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