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Exploring the Blessings of Brackish Lake Hamana

Lake Hamana is believed to have originated during the last glacial period. It is blessed with a diverse range of marine life, making it ideal for aquaculture such as eel and oyster farming. This course around the Lake Hamana area allows you to experience the abundant blessings of the lake.

A Healthy Journey Through Japan’s Ancient Fermented Foods

In the historic land of Enshu, known for its many ancient temples, you will learn about traditional Japanese fermented foods such as soy sauce and sake. You might discover some secrets to better health along the way.

Journey Through Samurai Trails: Exploring Lacquer and Gourmet Delights

Experience the art of lacquerware here where many skilled lacquer craftsmen were gathered for the construction of shrines and temples. Walking the ancient Tokaido road and exploring the culinary culture is also a delightful experience.

Discovering the Origins of the Izu Peninsula’s Terrain

The Izu Peninsula: Shaped by Ongoing Tectonic Activity, Offering Unique Landscapes and Hot Springs. Explore beautiful caves, taste wasabi grown with spring water, and experience the blessings of the Earth.

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