Exploring the Blessings of Brackish Lake Hamana

Lake Hamana is believed to have originated during the last glacial period. It is blessed with a diverse range of marine life, making it ideal for aquaculture such as eel and oyster farming. This course around the Lake Hamana area allows you to experience the abundant blessings of the lake.

Example Itinerary

9:30】 Meet at Hamamatsu Station

Travel by car(30min)

【10:00~11:20】Ebisen Eel Farm

Eel Farm Tour

Ebisen is a company that cultivates seafood, including eel, and is highly trusted by local chefs. They are also actively involved in environmental conservation activities around Lake Hamana. At Ebisen, you can tour the aquaculture farm and learn about the regional fishing industry.

Travel by car(20min)


Enjoy Eel from Ebisen

At this restaurant, you can enjoy eel raised at the Ebisen farm. The eel is carefully steamed Kanto-style to be tender and fluffy, then grilled to perfection with a secret sauce that has been used and replenished since the restaurant’s founding in 1975. 

Travel by car(40min)

【13:30~14:50】Mikkabi Seika

Mikan(Mandarin orange) Daifuku Making Experience

Located on the northern side of Lake Hamana, Mikkabi Town is known for its ample sunshine and excellent drainage, making it ideal for growing mandarins. The mandarins grown here, called “Mikkabi Mikan,” are very popular. In this experience, you will make Mikan Daifuku, a sweet treat using whole Mikkabi Mikan.

Travel by car(10min)

【15:00~16:00】 Nagasaka Apiary

Shopping for Honey Products

Nagasaka Apiary offers over 150 types of original honey products, as well as seasonal items throughout the year. Be sure to try their soft serve ice cream topped with plenty of honey.

Travel by car(10min)

【16:30】 The tour ends at Hamamatsu Station

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