Journey Through Samurai Trails: Exploring Lacquer and Gourmet Delights

Experience the art of lacquerware here where many skilled lacquer craftsmen were gathered for the construction of shrines and temples. Walking the ancient Tokaido road and exploring the culinary culture is also a delightful experience.

Example Itinerary

10:00】 Meet at Shizuoka Station

Travel by car(30min)

【10:30~11:50】Takumishuku : Traditional Hand Craft Arts Center

Suruga Lacquer Chopstick Experience

Experience making your own lacquered chopsticks by sanding them to reveal unique patterns. Choose your preferred color and length, and create a one-of-a-kind set of chopsticks. At one of Japan’s largest traditional craft experience facilities, immerse yourself in the distinctive craft culture of Sunpu.

Travel by car(5min)


Savor Tororo-jiru & Mariko Post Town History

Enjoy tororo-jiru at Chojiya, a historic restaurant that has welcomed travelers along the Tokaido Road for centuries. The thatched-roof farmhouse retains its traditional charm, allowing you to feel the history as you learn about the Tokaido and the cultivation of wild yam.

Travel by car(30min)

【14:20~16:00】Sengen Shrine

Exploring Lacquered Shrine

Shizuoka Sengen Shrine has been a place of worship for over two thousand years. The shrine complex features 26 buildings, most of which are entirely lacquered and designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan. As you explore the grounds, take the opportunity to learn about its rich history and the intricate lacquer culture.

Travel by car(30min)

【16:30】 The tour ends at Shizuoka Station

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