– 2 nights, 3 days –

Overview of Our
Sustainable E-bike & Green Tea Tour in December

We enjoyed Shizuoka’s tea in various ways and took in the beautiful scenery on comfortable E-bikes. It was a truly enjoyable and luxurious journey


Day 1

Participants enjoyed cycling through picturesque mountain trails.
A highlight was savoring authentic soba noodles in the Utogi district. Exploring hidden gems like mesmerizing waterfalls and serene rivers provided a tranquil escape. A charming ryokan,  Oonokisou, nestled in the mountains, offered traditional Japanese hospitality and a nostalgic atmosphere.

  • Mafuji no Sato
  • Utsurogi
  • Akamizu no Taki(Akamizu falls)
  • Oonogi Sou

Day 2

On the second day of the trip, participants will embark on an E-bike ride to Ashikubo Tea Works, where they will have the opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of tea. Situated amidst the tea fields, the terrace seating offers stunning views of the surroundings. Along the cycling route, participants will encounter a remarkably old tunnel dating back to the Meiji era. Though no longer in use, its presence evokes a sense of time travel, transporting visitors to another era.

  • Ashikubo Tea works
  • Takumishuku
  • Utsunoya tunnel
  • Okabe shuku Kashibaya
  • COMO Yabusakien
  • Fuejieda Park In Hotel

Day 3

On the third day of the tour, participants will continue their exploration by E-bike, heading to visit the ancient Horai Bridge. Spanning the Oi River, the Hourai Bridge (Hourai-bashi) is a remarkably old wooden pedestrian bridge, measuring 897.4 meters in length with a width of 2.4 meters. Still in use today as a farm road, it serves as a valuable historical land improvement facility, attracting numerous tourists. Following this visit, participants will cycle to Kanaya Station, continuing their journey through the picturesque landscapes of Shizuoka.

  • Houraibashi(Horai bridge)
  • Houraibashi897.4 café
  • JR Kanaya Station

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