Get Touched By The Very Local Hospitality Of Ashikubo

Price ¥16,500~* (including tax)
*depends on the number of people
Location Shizuoka-city Shizuoka
Duration 3~4hr.
Availability Weekdays 9:00AM  – 0:00PM

What’s included
Tea Tasting Experience, Bicycle rental, bicycle helmet rental.


  • Enjoy the peaceful cycling course along the Abe River and enjoy the views of the mountains and the river.
  • In Ashikubo, where Shizuoka tea has a history of more than 800 years and where it began, visitors can enjoy a cup of tea at a café while viewing beautiful tea fields.
  • At Moriuchi Tea Garden, a tea farm that has been preserved for nine generations while the number of tea farmers has been decreasing, visitors will enjoy a comparison of teas that have been highly acclaimed at numerous tea fairs. You will also experience a Japanese farmhouse.
  • You can experience the origins of tea, “Fureai(communication) and hospitality”.

Local Tea Experience

Ashikubo Tea Works

In the medieval Kamakura period, Syouicihi Kokushi, a distinguished priest born in Sunshu ( Olden Shizuoka’s Name ), went to Soh dynasty, China for studies. And Syouichi Kokushi spread over Shizuoka the tea seeds he had back from China, which is said to be the very beginning of Shizuoka Tea.

Of all Shizuoka Tea brands, Ashikubo Tea is a brand that can be traced back with its history as a tribute delivered to Edo Castle in The Edo Period (1603 – 1867).

The youth of Ashikubo Tea Works is in the efforts of telling more and more people how to enjoy tea while maintaining the traditional Ashikubo Green Tea and its history.

You can enjoy their 100%-Ashikubo-Made fragrant Macha, Houji-cha ( Roasted Green Tea ), and tea in Late or the frozen, having a breath-taking view of tea plantations all over your front.

As each season comes, their menu selection goes changing newly, and drinks of seasonal fruits can be served from time to time. Have yourself away from the city centre to visit them and fall into the true local Shizuoka Japan experiences! 


[Address] 〒421-2124 静岡県静岡市葵区足久保口組2082−2 2082-2 Ashikubokuchigumi, Aoi ward, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka

Moriuchi Tea Garden

They deliver the charm of tea to our customers with the idea of “helping you live a happy life with tea. More than 12 types of teas are available, including strong flavored, sweet, crisp, and refreshing teas, and a variety of teas can be enjoyed, including sencha, kama-yaki tea, oolong tea, and Japanese black tea. You will find the perfect tea for you among the unique teas that only Moriuchi Tea Garden can offer.


[Address] 705 Uchimaki, Aoi ward, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka


・We have a four person minimum. Please apply with more than 4 people.
・It will be held only weekdays 9:00PM – 0:00PM.



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