“Tea pairing” and “Matcha calligraphy®”

 - Immerse Your Senses in the World of Tea –

Availability/Start timePM 4:00, PM 5:00
Meeting PlaceKakuyabessho Show on Google map
Time Required3 hours
Price(including tax)27,500yen / person
Number of persons4 people
What’s includedJapanese multi-course meal with authentic Japanese tea
Matcha calligraphy experience
LanguageJapanese (Interpretation services are available for a fee.)
ReservationAdvance Reservation is required.
Payment OptionCredit card payment or pre-payment via PayPal 
*Any additions on the day of the event must be paid directly to the Kakuyabessho(Cash/Credit Card)
Cancellation PolicyNo-show : 100%, Previous day:50%
In the case of fewer than 4 participants44,000yen/person for for 2 or 3 people
77,000yen/person for 1 person

If you are looking for authentic green tea, Shizuoka prefecture is the place to be Green tea is one of its local specialties! Now we offer the ”Tea pairing” plan which is a new way to enjoy green tea. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture!


  • The green tea specialist called Chashi ” provides you with very authentic and fragrant Japanese green teas while you enjoy a gorgeous Japanese multi course meal.
  • After tea pairing, you can try Matcha calligraphy.

What’s tea pairing?

Tea pairing offers a superb combination of green tea and authentic Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy a Japanese multi-course meal at the Japanese restaurant “Kakuyabessho”. The tea specialist called “Chashi” makes several kinds of teas for you that go well with the dishes while you enjoy the dishes. You will be amazed by authentic Japanese teas and delicious cuisine.

What’s Matcha calligraphy®?

Matcha calligraphy is a new type of calligraphy developed by Japanese calligrapher Shoran.
It uses powdered green tea solution using water.
First, you will learn essential calligraphy knowledge and by watching the demonstration, you pick up basic techniques from the instructor. The subtle scent of Matcha relaxes you.

Option: Matcha Calligraphy Set Available for Purchase

Enhance your calligraphy experience by opting for our exclusive Calligraphy Set! This optional add-on provides you with a carefully curated selection of high-quality tools and materials to elevate your artistic journey. if you find yourself captivated by the experience and wish to continue practicing at home, you have the option to purchase the Calligraphy Set!

What’s Included in the Matcha Calligraphy Set: 

  • Matcha Calligraphy®︎ Exclusive Organic Matcha (20g) *Using tea leaves that are unavoidably discarded during the manufacturing process. Refills are sold separately.
  • Shoran original brush (1)
  • Paperweight (1 piece)
  • Flower-shaped vessel (for matcha ink) (1 piece)
  • Japanese Calligraphy paper with clear folder (5 sheets)
  • Underlay (1 piece)
  • Paulownia box (1 box)
  • Mizuhiki plum rubber (1 piece)

Price : ¥15,000(including tax)

When booking your calligraphy session, express your interest in the Calligraphy Set by sending us an email, filling out our contact form, or giving us a call. We’ll ensure the set is prepared and ready for you on the day of your class, providing an extra layer of convenience to your calligraphy adventure.


・We have a four person minimum. Please apply with more than 4 people.
・It will be held only weekdays 2PM to 5PM.



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