2023 Fall Foliage Forecast has been announced

This year, Japan experienced a hot and prolonged summer, and it is anticipated that the fall foliage season will be delayed due to the high temperatures. It might be possible to enjoy fall foliage from late November in Shizuoka.
Since there are many places where you can enjoy fall foliage, why don’t you consider planning a trip to see the fall colors?

Check out the forecast for the fall foliage in 2023!
External link: [Japan Meteorological Corporation]


Popular spots for fall foliage in Shizuoka Prefecture.

There are numerous places in Shizuoka, including mountainous areas, parks, and temples, where you can enjoy fall foliage. Regardless of the area you are in, you can easily find beautiful spots for fall colors.

This is a recommended fall foliage spot map. Please be sure to visit!

※Please note that the pinned locations are the approximate location.

It’s also nice to ride a bicycle around the mountainous areas.

we offer Ebike tours and Ebike rentals. Depending on the location, there are times when it’s more enjoyable to explore at a leisurely pace on a bicycle, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire.