When you think of Japan, sushi is often the first thing that comes to mind, and it has become a beloved dish worldwide. Within the world of sushi, there is a special category known as ‘Edomae sushi.’

Edomae sushi originated about 250 years ago. During that time, preserving fish for extended periods was a challenge, which led to the need for cooking methods that could extend the shelf life of ingredients. This gave rise to what we now know as Edomae sushi. To ensure both preservation and enhanced flavor, each individual ingredient undergoes meticulous preparation.

edomae sushi

The Characteristics of Edomae Sushi

Using Red Vinegar Instead of Rice Vinegar

In Edomae sushi, a unique type of vinegar known as ‘red vinegar’ is used, which is derived from sake lees (sake kasu) rather than rice vinegar. The distinctive reddish-brown color of red vinegar comes from the nutrients present in sake lees, and it imparts a subtle red hue to the sushi rice. Similar to rice vinegar, red vinegar also plays a role in enhancing the shelf life of the rice. The key feature of red vinegar made from sake lees is its stronger taste and aroma compared to rice vinegar, while still maintaining a smooth and mellow profile.


Ingredients are carefully processed using traditional methods

Another distinctive feature is the meticulous preparation of the fish used in Edomae sushi. Unlike the common practice of placing fresh ingredients directly on top of the sushi rice for contemporary nigiri sushi, Edomae sushi involves an extra step to enhance the flavor of the ingredients. Seasonal ingredients are carefully processed using traditional methods such as ‘searing,’ ‘grilling,’ ‘simmering,’ ‘vinegar marination,’ and ‘kombu marination.’ This process, combined with skillful handling, allows the flavors to meld harmoniously with the sushi rice, resulting in the authentic essence of ‘sushi.

If you want to delve deeper into Edomae sushi…

There is a plan to make and enjoy Edomae sushi at Uotake Sushi in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Edomae sushi is known for its delicacy, from the precise way it’s formed to the intricate knife techniques involved. However, in our sushi cooking experience, anyone can discover the joy of creating sushi with the assistance of our skilled sushi chefs. This hands-on experience allows you to watch and learn from the experts, making it a delightful opportunity to feel the satisfaction of crafting sushi yourself.

Photos of the Sushi Cooking Experience Plan


A variety of fresh seafood neatly arranged in the display case.


Grating fresh wasabi, a specialty of Shizuoka.

They place the shari in your hand, and you shape it into sushi while gently rolling it.


You can learn the art of Edomae sushi while also discovering the technique of shaping it.

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