– 2 nights, 3 days – 

Overview of Our
Sustainable E-bike & Green Tea Tour in November

We enjoyed Shizuoka’s tea in various ways and took in the beautiful scenery on comfortable E-bikes. It was a truly enjoyable and luxurious journey


Day 1

The picturesque Oi River and the mountainous region

The Ieyama to Senzu area along the Oi Railway is a place to enjoy the beauty of nature with the stunning emerald green Oi River beside you.

Explore the countryside on a cycling adventure, where the serene landscapes and fresh air provide a soothing balm for both the mind and body.

Places Visited
  • Ieyama Station
  • Shiogo Suspension Bridge
  • Akebono dining
  • Tea Shop Aitouen
  • Senzu Station
  • Accommodation Orokubo

Day 2

Explore various tea experiences in the expansive Makinohara Plateau

At the KADODE OOIGAWA and beyond, you’ll find various facilities offering tea experiences. Explore the impressive tea fields sprawling across the Makinohara Plateau, indulge in tea-inspired gourmet delights, and even engage in a traditional Japanese practice like Zen meditation.

  • Tea Museum, Shizuoka
  • Grinpia Makinohara
  • Makinohara Plateau
  • Heidenji Temple
  • Shizunami Swing Beach Hotel

Day 3

Experience the sea breeze of Yaizu and savor the finest Gyokuro tea in Fujieda

Explore Yaizu Port on an E-bike, cycling along the coast to feel the refreshing sea breeze before heading to the next adventure. At Gyokuro no Sato, indulge in the Gyokuro, one of the finest Japanese teas, and explore traditional tea rooms. Immerse yourself in the invigorating sea breeze and mountain air.

  • Yoshida Park
  • Yaizu Port
  • Gyokuro no Sato

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