Let’s enjoy safe and enjoyable cycling by following these five rules.

  • Bicycles should ride on the roadway, and only the following cases can ride on the sidewalk.
    ※When there is a road sign indicating “Bicycles are allowed on the sidewalk”
    ※Under 13 years old, over 70 years old or a disabled person.
    ※When it is difficult to pass on the left hand side of the road due to roadworks or a series of parked cars.
    ※When there is a significant volume of cyclists.
  • Keep to the left side on roadways.
  • The sidewalk is prioritized for pedestrians.
  • Follow the safety rules. 
    No drunk cycling/ No riding double/ No cycling side by side/ Turn on your lights at night/ Obeying traffic lights and stop at intersections/ Do safety checks
  • Children must wear helmets.

This is also covered in FIEJA’s Cycling Special Issue.

Please refer to the Shizuoka Prefecture’s website for bicycle rules as well.