Enjoy Traditional Sushi at Irifune Sushi In S-Pluse Dream Plaza

Enjoy Traditional Sushi In A New Way At Irifune Sushi

Long-established Sushi franchise Founded in 1912, “Irifune Sushi” has had 4 restaurants in Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka. Working with the current 3rd generation CEO, Mr.Shinichiro Kawasumi, the upcoming 4th generation CEO/the current manager of “Irifune Sushi Spulse Dream Plaza”, Mr.Kawasumi, has trained for Japanese cuisine and Sushi in Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka, he came back to Shimizu to work as the manager of the restaurant 2 years ago.

Mr.Kawasumi is hope for younger generations as he has a flexible, open mind as to make the best of his craftsmanship and experiences in Japanese cuisine to enhance Japanese Menu along with the traditional style Sushi, which provides customers into new ways to enjoy Sushi.”I would like customers from the elderly to the young to enjoy our Sushi styles. I’d love it if they can have unique experience in Irifune Sushi”, said Mr.Kawasumi, who as a master of sake as well, combines Sushi and Sake to give customers excitement and impression.

He and Irifune Sushi never stop following different preferences to amuse customers. For non-Japanese people who do not like raw food, they would offer their customers boiled dishes. Mr.Kawasumi would not only fulfill your appetite but also contents your five senses. Why not visit Irifune Sushi S-pulse Dream Plaza to have a pleasant, unforgettable experience?


Irifune Sushi  S-Pluse Dream Plaza

[TEL] +81 54-395-8551
[OPEN] 11:00AM – 8:00PM(L.O. 8:00PM)
[CLOSE] Wed.
[web] http://irifunesushi.net/

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