Taste Of Japan’s 400 Years History, Choji-ya

The taste of Choji-ya is not just about food, and it is built upon its inevitable context; History

Beginning as a tea house in 1596, Choji-ya has since been a restaurant providing grated yam soup (or, Tororo Soup ) made with Shizuoka local fresh ingredients.

The building of the restaurant has existed for more than 400 years as a place for travelers to gather without any destruction. The texture of the building and the rooms that were named after historical terms can become a boost to a tasty meal in Chojiya. We work in hope to make your “present” experience here, a part of your memory, as well as to make it a page of the long history. We serve several set menu with grated yam soup, a la carte menu, as well as local brewery beer and Japanese sake. Ice cream made with the locally produced milk is available as a dessert. Don’t miss the weekend events held here such as Rakugo ( which is the art of traditional Japanese comic storytelling ), local grown-produced goods market and more. Check out their Facebook page!



[Address] 7-10-10 Mariko, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka
[TEL] +81 054-258-1066
[OPEN] 11:00AM – 7:00PM
[CLOSE] Thu. If Wed. is national holiday.
[web] https://chojiya.info/